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Top 4 Skiing Destinations in Wrightwood, CA

Skiing in Wrightwood, California, is some of the best on the West Coast. Here are four of the best places to ski in the area


When you go to Wrightwood, one of the things you’ll likely want to do is find some of the best ski slopes on the West Coast. There are different advantages to the different slopes in the area, with several great options. Beyond just skiing, other winter fun activities are available to take advantage of at many resorts and mountains. We wanted to highlight 4 of the best slopes in the local area and what makes them great to ski in Wrightwood.

The Skiing Capital of Wrightwood, Mountain High

Whether you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, one of the best destinations in California is Mountain High Ski Resort. Technically featuring three different slopes alongside Route 2, the various mountains of Mountain High have slopes built for everyone. Beginners and advanced skiers will have great experiences on dozens of different trails. Plus, a single lift ticket gets you access to each of the mountains.

Check out the Mt. High website for details on how to purchase a lift ticket, and remember that even if young kids aren’t skiing, they can enjoy the Wrightwood winter through sledding and tubing, and more.

Snow Valley, a Resort Designed for All

If you’re looking to ski with a group of people with different skill levels, you might want to try Snow Valley. Unlike at Mountain High or some of the other skiing destinations in the Wrightwood area, Snow Valley has trails on the same mountain. That means that your entire group can stick together on the same mountain.

For beginners and black diamond skiers alike, there are trails for everyone at Snow Valley. Just keep in mind that there aren’t as many options for kids and people who aren’t looking to ski or snowboard, unlike at Mt. High.

Have a Bit More Experience? Check Out Snow Summit

One of two resorts affiliated with Bear Mountain, the options for Snow Summit Ski Resort are vast. This is one of the best choices in the Wrightwood area for people who love to ski and snowboard and know what they’re doing. Maybe the coolest part of skiing at Snow Summit is the night skiing options. So if you want to take to the mountains at night and enjoy the slopes, Snow Summit might be the right choice for you.

Make the Most of Your Life Pass By Getting Two Different Mountains

Big Bear Mountain Resort, much like the similar Snow Summit, is based at Bear Mountain and is built for a more advanced experience. Big Bear is ideal for skiers looking for some double-black diamonds. It’s a great place to ski, and it has the perk of being connected to Snow Summit. The lift ticket for one resort works for both mountains, so you have a few different places to ski in Wrightwood. Check out Big Bear’s site for more details.

Skiing in Wrightwood Shouldn’t Be Stressful

If you’re coming to Wrightwood to ski, you shouldn’t have to worry about figuring out the right places to go. You also don’t want to worry about figuring out where to stay Instead, talk to us at Wrightwood Bed and Breakfast, and we can help you find the perfect slopes for your skiing.

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