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The Four Best Hiking Trails in Wrightwood California

The mountains of Wrightwood feature some of the best places to hike in Southern California, all within driving distance of the Wrightwood Bed & Breakfast


Wrightwood is known for its skiing and snowboarding, but if you want to explore the mountains of Wrightwood without using vehicles, you have options as well. The hiking in and around Wrightwood is world-class, and we have several hikes that we like to do ourselves. If you want to take in the views of California and get great fresh air, Wrightwood’s hiking is a must in the summer or the winter.

Hiking in Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point is an excellent destination for scenic views and a longer hiking trail. It features a more leisurely hike for families, leading to a campground with plenty of space to run around and relax. It is an ideal location for a possible picnic.

Inspiration Point is also great for having some different options for trails. If you’re looking for a ten-hour uphill climb or a two-hour little trip, you will find a trail that is right for you. Plus, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the beauty around Wrightwood

Bighorn Mine Trail: History and Beauty All in One

Bighorn Mine is an older and long since abandoned mine with some historical basis for Wrightwood. While it is now boarded up and is quite far from any industry today, it has become a very excellent hiking destination for anyone to explore.

An easier and leisurely hike, you’ll be able to see some great views of Wrightwood and the surrounding area in California. The trail itself isn’t that long and isn’t too steep, so this is an excellent trail for anyone looking to enjoy a nice walk that will also feature some fascinating local history.

Mount Baden-Powell Trail

While it features some of the most beautiful vistas in Wrightwood, the Mount Baden-Powell Trail is a tougher hike but rewarding. Part of the Pacific Coast Trail, this hike features some rougher terrain but is a good long walk.

If you’ve ever wanted to live your Wild fantasy and play as Reese Witherspoon for a day, you’ll absolutely want to hike Mount Baden-Powell.

Enjoy the Blue Ridge Beauty

Excellent for a more strenuous hike, the Blue Ridge Trail is notable as mountain bikers love to explore. A great experience for people looking to experience different terrains and get a good sweat going on a hike. Remember that this isn’t for the faint of heart, so be prepared for a lot of walking.

With that in mind, the rewards are worth it. This is a beautiful area of California, and it features some of the best nature has to offer. So if you’re willing to put into the effort, the payoff is more than perfect.

Where to Stay When Off of the Trails

If you’re coming to Wrightwood to enjoy our excellent hiking trails and experiences, staying at the Wrightwood Bed & Breakfast is a breeze.

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